On Monday, January 21st, Seattle police were called to the Ballard Market at NW 56th Street to deal with an alleged assault on an employee, according to a police report. The employee reportedly denied a liquor sale to a group of customers who were, according to witnesses, "obviously intoxicated." The female and two male suspects are then alleged to have attacked the employee. From the police report:

The female became irate and stormed out of the store, grabbing a potted plant and hurling it at [the victim] striking him in the head with it. The two male suspects left the store with the female, and [the victim] followed them into the parking lot. At one point one of the males assaulted him by striking him in the shoulder. [The victim] ended up on the pavement, while the other male kicked him. He was able to escape to safety. Another plant was thrown at him.

Although the suspects appear to have gotten away, the police report says there is surveillance video, and one suspect reportedly used his debit card to make a purchase prior to the alleged plant hurling, so he may not be too hard to track down.