By No Touching Ground
  • Courtesy of the artist
  • By No Touching Ground

No Touching Ground is at work in South America these days. His "art accomplice"/ladyfriend posted the above picture to Facebook with the note:

Today, after knocking on a strangers door to ask whether or not the owner was available and if so, could we please paste up a life size image of a horse onto the side of the house, his response was- without evening looking at the piece- "yes" and "do you want to use my ladder?

NTG is leaving behind him a trail of public images. A few weeks ago, he put up a mural in Buenos Aires of Susana Trimarco, a "really heroic woman, who's been fighting the last ten years to free sex slaves down here in Argentina," NTG wrote in an email. "One of which is her own daughter who was kidnapped." From Wikipedia:

After [her daughter was kidnapped], Susana began to visit brothels dressed as a prostitute trying to find her daughter Marita. She received threats and was given false clues in order to mislead her search. Her investigations lead to the release of other women deprived of their liberty.

Below is a photo of the mural of Trimarco and here's more about it from the artist:


Here's an Argentinian blogger noticing another of NTG's recent put-ups, Wild Cats, Guardian Angels. Recall NTG's local portraits of John T. Williams and Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes.