State Senate Republicans are resubmitting a teen abortion restriction bill today after it was revealed that the bill also completely repealed Washington state's abortion laws.

SB 5156, also known as the parental notification bill, would require that minors (or rather, their physicians) notify their parents or guardians at least 48 hours before seeking an abortion. However, as I reported last Friday, the bill also repealed two important laws that make abortion legal in our state.

"The bill does indeed contain a serious mistake, the result of a drafting error at the code reviser’s office," wrote Republican caucus spokesman, Eric Campbell, who adds that a substitute version of the bill was prepared over the weekend and will be available later today. (Gross error aside, I still find the bill to be problematic.)

Here's something I didn't know: Under the state constitution, the subjects of all submitted bills have to be expressed in their titles. Campbell points to the title of SB 5156—parental notification—as proof that the bill was never intended to place a ban on abortion.

"Legislators trust the code reviser’s office to get all the language and legal citations right; however, mistakes can happen given how thousands of bills are drafted each year (more specifically, within a matter of weeks)," Campbell writes. "That said, this drafting error is obviously as unfortunate as they come."

Yep. Pretty much.