Almost a third of all Americans believe that God decides the winners of sporting events.

...a new survey from Public Religion Research Institute finds 27% of Americans overall...believe God has a stake in the outcome of sports games — although two-thirds of the nation (66%) say they'll tune in to see what the Almighty decides.

This varies by where people live and what faith, if any, they profess. According to PRRI: 36% of Southerners say that God plays a role in who wins; 28% of Midwesterners; 20% in the Northeast; 15% of Westerners.

This maps to the distribution of religious denominations in the USA. The strongest votes for God's role come from 40% of minority Christians and white evangelical Protestants, 29% from Catholics, 19% from main-line Protestants and 12% of those who claim no denominational identity.

I'd love to see the loser of the Superbowl this year denounce God and swear revenge on Him for tipping the scales in the other team's favor.