Homelessness and Art: Coming Soon to a Mainstream Museum Near You


If there isn't a connection of how this would end homelessness then it's nothing but exploitation.... And a little sick
I hated this exhibit when I saw it. My first thought was "Well, if only someone made portable, lightweight, easy to set up shelter. If only!"

Guess I didn't get it.
A tent is cheaper, which is by far the most used form of non-house shelter. pack it up and put it in the backpack, boom. Portable as fuck.
Making art isn't always about luxury. That's an American made myth.
Recently when I was in Lebanon I spoke to 2 women who had kept dance studios open during their civil war, "because music and dance separated us from the animals. Our opportunity to express ourselves kept our spirits alive. Things would be destroyed or taken from us, but the art of dance was our own." they said.
Pioneer Square specifically may be more a clash of cultures, but it is healthy to travel and look at the history of art so that we don't write it off as a product of leisure. It is a human necessity.
Homeless will never end until society stops punishing men after they have served time for a crime committed and "paid" their debt to society in jail. NIMBY is what these men face every day. An "art" exhibit like this is not addressing the real issue because it's too difficult for most people to deal with. Poverty is NOT why all of them are homeless. Many have "sex offender" citations and they are homeless because they are being driven out. If you REALLY REALLY want to end homelessness, stop the punishment after they leave jail.
@6, a 60-year-old woman was found out in the open, dead of hypothermia, on the night of the One Night Count. If you REALLY want to end homelessness, demand shelter or housing for all people out in the cold, no matter their label or the reason they became homeless.
Its the responsibility of artists to end systemic poverty?
Most of the artists I know are poor themselves. Aside from a handful of university professors, I have hardly known a single artist in the last 40 years in Seattle who had health insurance.

Chris Bruch doesnt drive a Porsche.
He observes what he sees, and makes comments on it.
And those comments seem to be worth discussing, even if they DONT end systemic poverty.
anything that brings to consciousness the burgeoning phenomena of homelessness citizens who do have a place to live....... is helping the homeless in this country.