As Cienna has already reported, state Senate Republicans will be resubmitting a parental notification bill after learning that it inadvertently outlaws abortion:

"The bill does indeed contain a serious mistake, the result of a drafting error at the code reviser’s office," wrote Republican caucus spokesman, Eric Campbell...

"Legislators trust the code reviser’s office to get all the language and legal citations right; however, mistakes can happen..."

Really? That's your excuse? It's all the code reviser's fault? You mean none of the bill's 18 co-sponsors bothered to actually read the bill before signing onto it? Because had they read SB 5156, they would have clearly seen the words "repealing RCW 9.02.100 and 9.02.110" right there in its title. And those are in fact the statutes guaranteeing the right to have and provide abortions.

Once you get past all the procedural bullshit, writing a bill isn't rocket science. Hell, even I once wrote a bill, and as far as I can remember, the code reviser's office didn't change a word. But had it, I'm pretty sure we would have noticed if it had inadvertently repealed an entire act or two.

So no, I'm not really buying it. I have a hard time believing that all 18 co-sponsors and their aides were either too lazy to read the bill before signing on, and/or too stupid to figure out what the bill actually does.