Tragedy at Twilight Exit: One man shot and wounded two people at the Twilight Exit last night. He was shot and killed by police.

In Other Gun News: Someone brought a used missile launcher to this weekend's gun buyback event.

Violence Continues in Egypt: President Mohamed Mursi has declared a state of emergency after another man was shot dead on Monday, bringing the death toll to 50 in the last five days.

Three People Arrested After Brazil Nightclub Fire: The fire, which killed 233 people, was believed to have started from a band's pyrotechnic show.

What Caused the 787 to Catch Fire?: It wasn't the battery charger after all, so the search continues and the Dreamliner remains grounded.

A Group of US Senators Have Agreed on an Immigration Reform Plan: "Under the group's proposal, undocumented immigrants would be allowed to register with the government, pay a fine, and then be given probationary legal status allowing them to work."

Welcome to Y2K: The Pentagon is expanding its cybersecurity force fivefold.

Good Timing Because: Supporters of Aaron Swartz took over the website of the US Sentencing Commission and turned it into a game of Asteroids.

A Florida Man Claims a $2.5 Million House Is His: Because he's been squatting in it. The neighbors are pissed.

A Grand Jury Indicted JonBenet Ramsey's Parents in 1999: But, according to a new report, prosecutors refused to go forward on the case.

Sarah Palin Was Paid $15.85 Per Word on Fox: A study shows she also "used 'Amen' 111 times and 'God' 57 times." She got paid $1,759.35 to say "Amen."

Stay Classy, Humans: The new World Trade Center site is covered in racist graffiti.

The SAG Awards Happened: I love Tina Fey.

In Impressive Hockey News (Because You All Care, RIGHT?): The Chicago Blackhawks are still undefeated. This is the best start the team has gotten in franchise history.