Twilight Exit, a Gun, and a Child


One of your writers?
Good Morning Charles,
I just read the account in this morning's Seattle Times. Glad you're safe and sound. I actually did think about you because as I recall, the Central District is the neighborhood where you reside.

My goodness, how unfortunate! Extraordinary how close this kind of incident can come to us. Too close. My regrets to all the families.
Cannot find the story elsewhere. A link?
It's not pure chance that one of our writers happened to be next to the woman who was shot.

Well, that's sure cryptic. Glad that this unnamed writer (and video taker?), along with all of the other people in the bar survived this horribly upsetting attack.
@4 ...(and video taker?)

Not unless one of their writers also works for the Seattle PI. That's who posted the video to Youtube.
Yeah, that's why I was confused. Perhaps a broader community-of-Seattle-writers "our".
Thankfully a helpful person with a gun arrived so quickly!
@7 I recently took a CPR course, and they now teach the mouth-to-mouth part as optional. The reason given was that response time is on the order of 3 minutes in our county, and not requiring mouth-to-mouth encourages you to help that stranger you might not want to kiss.

Surely reducing the number of guns on the street is a better strategy than arm-everyone in a world where police are 3 minutes away.
@7 why do you think they helped? They shot him dead, the first homicide of the year.
While we're entertaining trolls (@7 et al), let's explore the concept that if the shooter had undergone some traditional gun training, as gun advocates constantly long for, he'd have been programmed to shoot to kill rather than at his victim's legs.
@10, it's a good thing he didn't have a used, single-use missile launcher, then he would have caused some real damage.
I'm not sure how a nightclub shooting is even possible. You know... because guns are banned in nightclubs.