"There are two forms of feminism, and it actually has to do with a division of how attractive a woman is."


Must be fact coming from a couple lookers like that.
It is doubtful that either of these men know where the G-spot is.

But seriously, who are these yahoos? They have less influence on world events than some 13 year old girl, excuse me, young woman, creating a (very intelligent) youtube video:


And then there's actual feminism, which is still a valid and necessary philosophy because we have shitheels like these saying things like this.

This is like some rehashed argument that someone got from a YouTube posting of a New School roundtable discussion with Norman Mailer from 1971.
How on earth this these jokers get on your radar?
I'm with@2. Homely, Sad, and angry conservatives are a dime a dozen. What's so special about these schmucks?
Just like there's more than one kind of GUY WHO WILL NEVER GET LAID WELL IN HIS LIFE.
“decided to become selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whores.” oh, yeah, like men.
I'd like to live in a world where if you're an ugly dude no one listens to you or wants you around.
And here you are, doing free promotional work for these boobs' careers. It's hard to get a foothold in the cutthroat shock-jock bidness, but you've made it just that little bit easier for them.
Like the other commenters imply, these guys sound exactly like high school boys who can't get laid because the girls go for the attractive jocks instead.
I think they make a sweet couple. Clearly, they're meant to be together.
In the world of masculinism, you really have a division between two kinds: "hunky" masculinists who are successful in the marketplace --and bed-- and get jobs like doctors, hot shot lawyers, or lead actor roles. And then there's the "dumpy" masculinists, who have to get jobs as radio DJs where they can contrive any bit of bullshit whimsy to ensure their radio station gets ratings, and further their masculinist agenda, which is based on a loose admixture of reinforcing a lack of gender equality, and rank misogyny. This is mostly because they have terrible personal lives and need to take it out on someone else.

I'll just leave this Kate Beaton comic here.
"Selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whore" The real question is, can I get that on a business card and what font should I use?
If the right keeps this up, in 2016 we're going to see a Republican nominee who doesn't even make the general election ballot in a lot of states.
Is "Buehner" pronounced "Boner", or is this another wingnut who doesn't enjoy nominative humor?
Huh, the dudes from Clerks grew up to be bigger dickwads than they were 20 years ago.
Oh golly and to think they would drag poor Sarah Palin into this! Sure she's selfish, narcissistic and family-destroying but...feminist?
The fifteen minutes of infamy begin.......now....tick-tock. Time warp losers who were taken away from the breast too early is my guess.
What @3 said.

And they wonder why the fake "conservatism" they practice, which neither conserves nor ever existed in reality, is dying.
Wow, the quote was actually worse than what I imagined from the article title.
@16: One can only hope.
These guys are small dick, ED sufferers who hate women and play with action figures. I hate to generalize, but I can tell their brand machoism by looking at them and subjectively determining their level of attractiveness.
15, Palatino Linotype
10: Know Thy Enemy plus I Love Comedy equals Complete Justification (for me).
@13 I just love your use of the language. "Admixture" is a great word that just doesn't get out to play often enough.
@15 & 25: No, no, no! Copperplate Gothic Bold! It's more menacing.
"...feminism will be remembered as 'a time in which women lost the love of their children' and 'decided to become selfish, narcissistic, family-destroying whores.' "

Good times, right?
Whenever the subject of feminism comes up, it almost always gets the "Why should I care?" treatment from the usual suspects. Here's the deal, morons: We've spent thirty years trying to ignore these jackasses, and all we've gotten is 30 years older and a catastrophic war on women's rights. Perhaps it's time to consider the remote possibility that ignoring the problem will not made it go away.
Mansplaining, exhibit A.
@13 [kneel and bow] "We're not worthy!"
Went from reading Hannah Rosin's AMA to this. Woo.
Surprise surprise, they both get their notions about how society should be run directly from America's favorite Bronze Age instruction manual, the Bible. Of course they would be pastors.
2 of the best fathers I know are gay men. And the best mothers, always, are nurses who are solid caregivers who earn a good wage, great benefits, and will always be employed... sorry guys. Disagree.
well I'm glad someone has noticed Sarah is destroying society..........along with the republican party!!
@15 "Vicious power-hungry bitch" was the one I always wanted on my business card (but they never let me). Good luck with yours!
What I want to know is what did these guys' mothers do to them while they were growing up? Two assholes talking about shit they nothing about. Definitely GOP material...
This is the clip that gives me no pleasure admitting the only people who should be able to vote on issues resolving around vagina in the congress. No hesitation as long as these people are allowed to still be given a pulse.
@13: yes, exactly.
@39: "[W]hat did these guys' mothers do to them while they were growing up?" Right, TreGibbs, because it must be their mothers' fault that these guys turned out to be misogynistic Christian Patriarchists. Because women, be they girlfriends, wives, strangers, or mothers, are always responsible in some way for men's behaviour. Perhaps what their mothers did was not be sufficiently 'submissive' to their fathers for their liking.

@8 - Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
Anybody intellectually disabled enough to consider Sarah Palin a feminist as opposed to a prop for the Republican party to pretend its policies aren't inherently anti-woman need not be paid any further attention. Ever. Seriously.
And in the late 1800s, many middle-class women did not support suffrage because suffragists had been characterized in the media as sluts who neglected their children and wanted to break up families (by reforming America's the-man-always-gets-everything divorce laws).

This isn't new, people. We've beat 'em before. We'll do it again.

As if these guys would pass on the opportunity to submit to Sarah Palin ...

I find it particularly fascinating that the two types of women that exist in these guys' tiny minds - because of course, there ARE only two types - are both successful, or at least, the hot women (in their opinion) at least find themselves both a job, AND a husband, and the unhot ones (in their opinion) find themselves high falutin' careers. Where is the downside? Less kids in the world? The planet is already massively overpopulated.

And finally ... do these men strike anyone as the type to be actively involved with and care for their own offspring ... at all? Or to run out on child support payments?