What Are You Doing, World?


I love that so much. I think It Gets Better Project should solicit Vines for a curated feed. Vulnerable teens have the same short attention spans as non-vulnerable ones, after all. So let's give them a feed of six-second support videos in constant rotation! Imagine the creative possibilities.
Looking at this for a short while, I now believe Vine videos are crowdsourced blipverts.
I keep seeing the same puppet, yawning dog, baby, and walking people over and over again. This is a proof of concept or vaporware.
But now it's different. Maybe there was a cache thing going on. Yet all the videos have similar cuts and a feel to them. I'm not getting the sense that these come from many different people. Perhaps the same few users happen to be posting right now.
Oh my god, I haven't been rabbit-holed into a good old fashioned Internet Time Suck like that in months! Thanks, Paul!
So, if you want to play at vine.co, you need an iThing?

Why does this need to be tied to Apple? I can generate a few dozen video formats on my own, but I need to go to iTunes for this?

My boycott of all things Apple continues apace.
No shortage of cats and coffee out there, I see.