The Senate Hearing on Guns Is Happening: You can watch it live here. Gabrielle Giffords has spoken. So has NRA executive VP Wayne LaPierre.

The Economy Continues to Suck: "The United States economy unexpectedly reversed course in the final quarter of 2012 and contracted at a 0.1 percent rate, the Commerce Department said Wednesday, its worst performance since the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009."

South Korea Launched a Rocket into Space: Which made North Korea mad because they launched one just last month.

McCain Responds to Obama's Immigration Bill: He said, in regards to adding LGBT protection, that you may as well add "taxpayer-funded abortion."

A Man Shot and Killed a Bus Driver: Then took a 6-year-old boy hostage in Alabama.

The First Woman to Be Executed Since 2010: Wasn't executed.

Don't Eat Your Vegetables: Leafy greens are the worst food poisoning culprit.

Hanna Rosin vs. Reddit: The The End of Men author did an Ask Me Anything session on the notoriously dude-heavy site.

Not So Dreamy Dreamliner: Sources are saying Boeing has had "at least 100" battery problems with the 787, long before the two incidents that grounded all the plans.

Remember with JC Penny Got Rid of Sales?: Well, now they're starting to have sales again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

A Sinkhole Ate a Building!: And there's video.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!: Car thieves tried to steal a car but FAILED because it was a stick shift. Dummies.