Today's extremely important dinosaur news is that it is National Draw A Dinosaur Day!

For those of you who are new, Draw A Dinosaur Day is a day that is exactly as simple as it seems. Simply draw a dinosaur, then scan it or take a picture of it and submit it to drawadinosaurday.com, and spend the day looking at the amazing dinosaurs other people have submitted! We're not a super high maintenance holiday, so if you do it a day before or after, that's cool! We get it! Life is busy! The important thing is that you have fun drawing a dinosaur.

This was a holiday created by Todd Page for the joy of drawing and dinosaurs - it was started 7 years ago, and last year it received nearly a thousand dinosaurs. Pee Wee Herman has even contributed in the past. So unless you're too good for fun, spread the word, the love, and the dinosaurs. Get ready to draw!

You can submit your drawing at their Facebook page or at drawadinosaurday.com.

To get you started, here is a tutorial on how to draw a dinosaur... er, dragon... er whatever. [Hint: First you draw an "S". Then you draw a more different "S". Also, the "S" is for "sucks."]

Not satisfied with simply drawing a dinosaur? Perhaps you'd rather help out with actually preparing fossils?! Then check out this entry that Seattle's Burke Museum posted on their Facebook page last week:

Fossils and... jackhammers? Our fossil preparator, Bruce Crowley, uses miniature jackhammers, like this one, to carefully remove the rock surrounding a fossil so the specimen can be studied.

Bruce is looking for a few volunteers to help prepare fossils at the Burke. If you're interested, email him at bcrowley@uw.edu. Thanks!

I suggest you take advantage of both these delightful dinosaur-related activities.