Why Do Republicans Hate America?


I was trying to figure out the other day what type of country these secession folks would flee too? Most, if not all western countries outside of the US have strict gun control, high taxes, public health systems etc. So the only places I could think of were developing third world countries, but that would leave these people as a minority, and I can't believe they would like that.
We can buy them a bus ticket to Somalia.
Excellent idea Goldy.
Wouldn't Texas simply revert back to Mexico if they succeeded in their secession? That would be some rich irony.
That's a good idea but would any countries be willing to take these Texan teabaggers?
People nominally in favor of secession wouldn't flee to anywhere. They'd stay put in their shiny and newly-independent country, getting everything right all the time because fuck you that's why.

Never mind that Texas can't even pay for its share of schools or roads, so obviously funding the full mechanics of government will be no problem!

Texan ex-pat
Not bad for a Blue State.

That was gerrymandered into a Red State.
Goldy and his hyperbole. How cute with all the hate speech...

Most of the Dems in Texas fled Louz-ianna after Katrina, so they are not REAL Texans mind you. They are Nagen-ites (as in the recently indicted Mayor Ray Nagen of racist "Chocolate City" fame).

For those of you unfamiliar with secession, you don't "flee" anywhere; You cease to play with others.

Let them secede. Who cares? I love living in an ultra blue state. Minimizes the influence Rightwing crazies have over my life.

Hope Secretary Clinton is paying attention to all those favorable polls.
The Republican Party is a terrorist organization.
Republicans are racists. See @10 for proof.
@10 I can't figure out your comment at all. What is "Louz-ianna" supposed to mean?

I think you might be trying to say something very racist, as people displaced by Katrina tended to be black, and therefore likely Democratic voter. But you're insane if you think the number of people displaced by Katrina could make a dent in TEXAS. Louisiana has a population of 4.6 million people. Texas has 26 million. You could put the whole state there, and unless you put every last one of them in the same county, they wouldn't be "most" of anything.

Also, it's Nagin. And the people displaced by Katrina are not overly fond of him.
@6: I would guess they would try to become their own sovereign nation. Of course, if Mexico decided to invade them, we would have no compulsion to bail their red-neck asses out...
#13 McJulie--

See, if you ask me, the "Chocolate City" comment from Mayor Nagen was so outrageously racist that it defies logic.

I was just commenting on the double standard there is with the Libs and their BS "tolerance" shtick. A perusal of the SLOG here shows exactly what I mean. Hypocrites.

BTW, ask Houston who their newest "immigrants" are and they will tell you they are predominantly from the Lower 9th Ward and other ghettos in NO...