If you are making/producing/promoting an arts event between March 4 and June 1 and want it listed in A&P, our arts quarterly, please tell us about it today.

Jen Graves posted this deadline last week. Consider this your reminder.

We want our calendar to be comprehensive, but your email doesn't have to be—theaters, for example, might have a performance scheduled between March 4 and June 1, but don't know all the details yet (who's in the cast, the ticket price, etc.).

That's okay. We don't need long, exhaustive press releases. (In fact, we never want long press releases, but that's another subject for another day.) All we need is the title, the location, the date range, and the briefest of explanations (one sentence will suffice) about what it is.

If you cannot send your March 4-June 1 email today, send it tomorrow. Or the next day. But please don't wait much longer than that. Today is technically the deadline, and we want to make you happy by including your event in our calendar.

The emails:





That is all.