Republican gubernatorial loser Rob McKenna continues his Blame Seattle Tour:

“We have a lot of folks in the City of Seattle who feel very deeply that they want to vote for a left of center candidates and they just will not for vote a Republicans,” he said. “I don’t think it’s based on the positions of the state party. I think it’s based on a hardening of positions of people in Seattle relative to their views of the Republican Party over the last several years.”

Yeah, we Seattleites won't vote for Republicans just because! And, we don't like the letter "R". Fuck the letter "R"!!! But our reluctance to vote for Republicans has absolutely nothing to do with the positions articulated by the party and its candidates. It's a branding thing. Like Quake vs. Quisp. (I was never a big fan of Quake, but Quisp was such a douchebag.)

I mean, take for example McKenna's opposition to R-74...

I don’t think that would have affected the outcome,” he said. “I’m the only Republican who ran who didn’t endorse Referendum 74, and they all lost except for Kim [Wyman, Secretary of State], who barely won. So evidently she was not rewarded for her open support of Referendum 74.”

That's right, Wyman endorsed R-74, and she was not rewarded at all. Except, you know, by winning. So McKenna's opposition to gay marriage had absolutely nothing to do with his loss.

What a douchebag.