She She Pop at On the Boards: What We Talk About When We Don't Know How to Talk About Death


German theater is so different from American theater: it can reach a raw core which I suppose can feel manipulative to some people? I suspect a lot of productions only wish they could achieve the honesty and relevance I felt from this production.
Everyone is aging. No one stays young and pretty for ever. But so few think about that time. Such a play makes one think about the undesirable facts of one's life; growing old. Some people will have children to take care of them. Many will not, and it appears those people are not building community now, with the hope of some company in the later years. They are spending time on-line in a false community.
Mixed feelings. The strongest moments, for me, were during the reenactments of recorded conversations from the rehearsal/development process. Imagine reciting, onstage, in tears, your earlier refusal to participate in a such a performance, on the grounds that it is emotionally voyeuristic.
I liked several moments of this show. But I found it SO difficult to read the captions in the dark up top while watching the action on the ground. In fact, I had a terrible headache after two hours of reading, to the point where I felt ill. I could see how it would have been an incredible show if you understood a single word of German, but for me it was just speed reading.

I'm a season ticket holder, and the last international show was all in Spanish, so reading another performance was disappointing.