The Week That Was on Slog: Guns, Gomer, and Richard Dreyfuss


And the stock market did well.
Oy, this is like turning your underwear inside out to get some more use out of it. A recap blog post on blog posts? You can't get paid to Tweet.
This is like boiling your underwear to get some watery soup. Hardly worthwhile, and the highlight of the week was pronounciation of homage. Illustrates that I'm wasting time on this site.
Quantity over quality: It's the American way!
Thanks for the recap! I often forget everything I read or saw on SLOG.

Though some joker on the Richard Dreyfuss thread claimed it was actually Richard Conlin! More like Richard Con...lin...uh, I had something for this...hold on...Richard! Ya! Right?
@5 you mean the guy who wants a zipline for transit while he and his peeps ride free in the Deep No-Transit Tunnel?
I too enjoyed the recap. Suck it haters.