Via the NYTimes:

Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, said the proposal would guarantee free coverage of birth control “while respecting religious concerns.”

Churches and religious organizations that object to providing birth control coverage on religious grounds would not have to pay for it.

Under the proposal, the administration said, “eligible organizations would not have to contract, arrange, pay or refer for any contraceptive coverage to which they object on religious grounds.” Female employees of such organizations would receive contraceptive coverage through separate individual health insurance policies, without having to pay premiums or co-payments.

The proposed rule is somewhat ambiguous about exactly who would pay the costs.

While I think it's valiant that the White House is trying to play nice here, fuck that separate-but-equal noise. Employers shouldn't have the power to choose which healthcare services their employees partake in, religion be damned. The Catholic church thinks homosexuality is a sin, does that mean Catholic institutions, like hospitals, should also be exempt from covering the healthcare costs of their gay employees? No, because that would be batshit, discriminatory, and insanely offensive.

So why the fuck is this allowable?