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Also, the San Francisco 49ers are really embarrassing themselves. Gay rights have emerged as a hot topic for several reasons during Superbowl week and now it turns out that two players are claiming that they didn't know they were speaking out against bullying of LGBT kids when the team was putting together its "It Gets Better" video, which has now been pulled.…
French MPs approve equal marriage! Huzzah!
From the "not interested in concussions" link:
The rest of Goodell's points include:

-- The league will keep pursuing escalating suspensions to discipline players who violate player-safety rules meant to prevent such actions as hits to the head. "Suspensions get through to the players," Goodell said.

-- The No. 1 issue in the game, according to Goodell, is taking the head out of tackles. He said progress has been made in the past couple of years toward eliminating helmet-to-helmet hits, but that players need to get back to using shoulders and arms properly and aiming for a tackle strike zone on a player.

-- The NFL will have neurosurgeons on the sidelines at games.
Did you only read the headline of the NFL article to conclude they're not interested in concussions? Apparently you're not interested in reading comprehension.
What, the beer market would be uncompetitive in Bud adds a few mediocre Mexican beers to its offering. Thank God the Obama administration is in its last term.

@6 you honestly have no idea how the beer industry works. For macro-lager brands, it's all about distribution and breweries.
Concerning the Turkish Embassy thing: I don't buy that for a second...
The Turkish communist parties may be weird but suicide bombings are plain unheard of.
A suicide bombing is a specific method that is beyond the very religious something completely shunned since there are no ideals that support them. A bomb? Sure. But suicide as a part of a mission - not at all.
Being arrested is fine, even risking a certain death penalty but this is just absurd as a method.

Sounds like bullshit to me. Specially since the group hasn't taken responsibility for it - which unlike suicide-as-a-method would be the very first thing they did.
@8, You're about to feel a little silly, because they totally just claimed responsibility…
"Sounds like bullshit to me."

Yes, because communists are such reasonable people.
I love the explanation one of the alleged robbers came up with for how he came by his cash honestly...
Curtis Smith, 22, said he came to Washington to sell information on how to make methamphetamine and the $2,487 he was carrying was payment for the drug deal.
Since when is ~5k in cash "obscene"? That's actually kinda piddly, small-time stuff. "Suspicious," "odd," sure, but it doesn't reach "obscene" until it's at least six-figures.
6, blaming Obama was tired & used up by this time four years ago. Anyone bringing it up these days is just showing they're an idiot w/ no original thought, or clues how America, let alone international finance, works.
@13: However, I'd suspect you'd say that blaming Bush for the ills of the world this many years after he left office is not tired and washed up. And those that would disagree with that are idiots.
Isn't the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front a splinter group off the People's Revolutionary Liberation Party?
Do Lithuanian Lutheran lethargic lactating lesbian lawyers litigate Laotian leper libel lawsuits?
Okay, mass produced beers are not as good as micro-brews, I get that. OTOH, there used to be a couple of mass-produced beers that were perfectly drinkable.

I mourn the multi-stage corruption of Bass Ale. It was my standard IPA, and a fair representation of what you might find on one of the "bitter" taps in an English pub. But, several years back Coors bought the brewery so they could sell their product in the EU and stopped bottling Bass in Burton-on-Trent. With the move of the bottling to Luton, something horribly fucked happened to the flavor, and I stopped drinking it. These days, they're making it somewhere upstate in New York, probably in an old lager factory in the Genesee Valley. (It's not any less horrible, but it's fizzier.)

Lately, InBev/Anheuser decided that a very decent German lager could be made just as well in St. Louis. To which I respond, no, it doesn't seem like it could. Beck's is now unrecognizable.

I'm not a big fan of Mexican lagers. I find them a little too light, but I pity their fans if this merger goes through.

As for me, I'm still looking for a decent IPA that's not too sweet and not too overly hopped. The American microbrew approach to the style is that if a little is good, more much be better. It isn't.

My main objection to American beers, though, is the permissive regulation coupled with a complete lack of labeling requirements. There are 300 "standard ingredients" that are permitted by the U.S. FDA. Almost all of those would get you jailed in Bavaria. I'm allergic to some of them, too, especially certain preservatives and colorants.

Luckily, I'm versatile in my drinking habits. As long as I can get the French stuff cheap, I like a good glass of wine. Again, it's the labelling and ingredients issue. There's a bunch of shit that Americans and others put in their wine that will get you jailed if you did that in France, including one ingredient that leaves me gasping for air and turning blue.
@16 I loved that.
@Ms. Mac --- great news item selections! ! ! !