Something Happening Downtown That Has to Do With the Superbowl


Damn, those streets are dry, in January?!
Good Afternoon Charles,
What the heck? Wonder what they're doing out there scantily clad like that. It's quite chilly too. Might it be a promo for a sports bar or something for tomorrow's game? I sure don't know. As I like to say "women' bodies (not sex) sells." Whatever.
Wait, it's February. All makes sense now!
What are those scantily clad ladies doing in front of the Woolworth's?
Ross has changed their slogan from "Dress For Less" to just "Dress Less".
No offense lark, I like your sweetness filled comments a wee bit. It reminds me. Are you familiar with the mascot for Bob's Big Boy restaurants? He has checkerboard overalls, and if he were 2 inches tall, that's how I see you. Whatever.
Those people don't look properly dressed for football. Haven't they heard all the recent flap about head injuries?
WWAJD?? (What would a journalist do?)
Good to see some nice tits and ass in Seattle for a change.
It's about time Charles finally put up a picture with scantily clad white chicks again!

Now how do they figure within the means of production?

Interview both sides?
Is this a PETA thing or is Deja Vu throwing a viewing party?
The best part was the guy following them with the smartphone camera.

It's called "desperation", dude.

Having said that, and being passed by this group twice today, there was absolutely no way to determine if they were selling a sports bar, a bordello, a coffee shop, fashion, or what. Most ineffective promotion ever.
This is Seattle. Hearing that there are half-naked people running around in February doesn't surprise me nearly as much as the dumbducks who thought holding a WTO ministerial in the most Left-wing city in America was a good idea.

As for the superbowl? Well... I've been trying all day to give a shit. I really have. When I first read this article this afternoon, I told myself I should try as hard as I can to give a shit about sports. And I really did, I think I may have even thrown out my occipitofrontalis muscle just trying to give even one flying fuck about sports. That's how committed I was to trying to give a rat's glutes about the superbowl.

But I just can't. I haven't got it in me. I feel like a failure now, because I simply cannot muster even one iota of concern one way or the other about sports. Sorry, Charlie. I know how disappointed you must feel in me.
@ 14 Have you never been to SF?

Your second paragraph has me in stitches!
I bet it's a SlutWalk. It's an anti-rape culture thing, not a derogatory term on my part.
"I bet it's a SlutWalk"

I doubt it, Seattle Slut walk was nearly all fat ugly chicks.

SF? Why on Earth would I want to go there? To experience homophobic bigots dressed up in helmets and jerseys telling me how terrified they are of sharing a locker room with a gay guy?

Look, SF isn't gay enough for me. Seattle is. I'm surprised Dan's not running for mayor. I love this fucking place, every goddamn inch of it. And if I could, I'd marry everybody between Bellingham and Olympia. Well, the guys, anyway. Even Mark Driscoll, I'd marry the shit out of Mark Driscoll. Right in his church from Planet Nine. That's how much I love this place. SF can kiss my ass. Seattle/Tacoma is my home and always will be.
They must be the models that Go Daddy just laid off.

Anyone watching the made for Netflix original House of Cards? It's up there with the better cable series like Mad Men.…
I think it was part of an on the streets photo shoot. I saw a post go by on a networking site for a call for photographers for a swimwear company. Not a lot of details on the site, but it's about the right time.
@19 you've set me thinking. thanks.
They're my girls, announcing the two-for-one discount during the game.
@ 19, that's nice, but I think @ 15 was challenging your assertion that Seattle is the "most left-wing city in America." SF clearly beats Seattle on that count.

Anyway, your first post implied that the WTO was mostly protested by Seattleites. The protesters actually traveled to Seattle from all over America, and the world beyond. They would have traveled to Dallas if the WTO meetings were being held there. The only thing Seattle did to make them memorable was to forget to police them until after the shit hit the fan.
Needs to be higher res.
Hmph. As if being "the most left-wing city in America" is something to be proud of. We all think you're just a bunch of crazies anyway.
Freezing their asses off for the 49ers?

I dunno that SF is more Left than Seattle. I mean, I can't get married in SF, can I? The Seahawks haven't attacked their gay fans. You can smoke pot while standing right out in front of the Space Needle and all you'll get is a verbal warning. The party that won the second highest number of cotes in the 43rd LD's house election wasn't the GOP-it was Socialist Alternative. You can't pick up a rock and throw it without hitting an anarchist or a musician. The two top contenders for the mayoral seat are a hardcore environmentalist and an out of the closet gay guy. There's so much public art everywhere that just walking around in this place feels like you're in a museum. If there's a rally or a protest of some kind anywhere, I guarantee you that Food Not Bombs is going to be there handing out food. There's free clinics and groups dedicated to providing free housing that spontaneously arise not from the top down but from groups of idealistic young people who've just had enough with seeing their fellow human beings in pain. There's vegetarian options at almost every restaurant.

FDR once referred to the "47 states of the US and the Soviet of Washington". The last successful General Strike in US history took place right here. The IWW maintains a presence here. The ILWU is respected and revered. The only statue of Lenin in North America is located in Freemont.

SF can suck it. Seattle is the most Left wing city in America. And when I die, if there is a heaven, it still won't be as beautiful as Seattle. I love this fucking place, and everybody in it.
Actually, you could have gotten married in SF before you could get married in WA. Though the guy who instituted that policy before the courts stopped it sure wasn't left wing.

And I guess you could hang out with 53 homophobic helmeted dudes 8 times a year in SF or get kicked out of Safeco Field by homophobic ushers 81 times a year.
I'm with you, Tacoma Traveler. I love Seattle so much more than San Francisco it's embarrassing. Complain about our weather all you want, but at least you know what to wear for the day. Stupid block-by-block microclimates.
@ 28, you can't get married in SF because California hasn't legalized same sex marriage. So that's a bad comparison right there. So is the pot thing. Pot's legal in Colorado, but I wouldn't say that makes Denver (which is pretty liberal) as left as either SF or Seattle. And general strikes are now illegal. The rest of the stuff you cite is about doubled in concentration in SF compared to Seattle.

Sorry, but wishing it were true doesn't make it so.
I think people have a historical view of SF that's still rooted in its perceptions as a progressive change agent from the sixties. Cities change, they evolve, and I would definitely agree with Tacoma Traveler that Seattle may now be the most powerful left wing city in the nation.

I think the state you're in also has a huge impact and to discount that out of hand blurs the full picture. Cities dont exist in a vaccuum. Marriage equality passed in WA because of Seattle. Also pot - we are the only state to have both and via a public vote no less. Seattle drove these changes and in the case of legal pot, helped pioneer them. SF doesn't have that power in Cali.

Neither city is perfect and we've got a lot of similarities, but SF isn't currently enabling and making leftward change on the level Seattle is.
Cascadia is the most precious jewel there is on this planet. Washington is the finest state of the Union.
The part of Cascadia that runs through WA state is therefore by definition the center of the universe.

@ 33, if the topic is cities, then that's what we must restrict our discussion. I'll point out that Austin, which at least gives Seattle a run for the money in liberalism, is in one of the reddest states around.

@ 34, what does your subjective opinion have to do with the comparative levels of liberalism between SF and Seattle?
@35 - Austin is impotent in making change at the state and national level for that reason.
"Seattle is the most Left wing city in America"

I think you're confused; it's the whitest city in America.
"Seattle is the most Left wing city in America"

I think you're confused; it's the whitest city in America.
Tacoma Traveler is right on! What other state voted overwhelmingly for BOTH same sex marriage, AND legalizing personal amounts of weed? Yes, we are the Soviet of Washington, anew we should be damn proud!! And we voted Statewide to increase the minimum wage! Because it's not just Seattle, but enough of the state(largely western WA obviously), that drives the progressive change statewide. Bow Down!
@ 36, I don't see the relative influence of a city to affect politics at a statewide level as relevant to a city's level of liberalism. TT called Seattle the "most liberal city" without qualification, so we have to judge the merits of that claim without qualification.
@ 39, the topic is cities, not states.

Civic pride is so funny to behold sometimes.
Rah rah everything sex again!
@40 - okay, you win.