1. Karl Rove is trying to shake the Teabaggers out of the Republican Party once and for all:

Karl Rove has created a group designed to stop the Tea Party’s influence over the Republican Party.

The “Conservative Victory Project,” an offshoot of the former Bush adviser’s American Crossroads, is designed to prevent Tea Party-endorsed candidates from winning Senate primaries.

Let's hope Rove is about as successful as he was during the 2012 election.

2. Politico says that the big money might be draining out of the Republican Party:

Wall Street donors and bundlers plunged hundreds of millions of dollars into the GOP’s effort to take back the White House and Senate this year — and now some are threatening to cut off the spigot ahead of 2014 in the face of disappointing results.

New York donors have a list of complaints: Republicans focused too much on social issues, backed too many weak candidates, stalled Hurricane Sandy aid and even let taxes go up for the very rich — in other words, the very people giving the money and their friends.

The entire rest of the universe is calling for the Republican Party to become more moderate. Even Karl Rove is calling for the Republican Party to become more moderate. I highly doubt that the Republican Party is going to become more moderate.