Cherry Street Coffee Update: Sick-Leave Surcharge Signs Removed, Owner Calls Paid Sick Leave "Fantastic"


Too late. Fuck this guy.
My understanding was that additional time would accrue, but the employer was only required to pay them for (in this case) 40 hours a year.

I shall have to double check.
So Anna, you're going to update the original Slog post to clarify that Ghambari's fear of 80-hour accruals is erroneous, right?
Thanks once again for The Stranger to break the story and the do the reporting while local mainstream media try to pick it up like they did any actual work....

14.16.020 B, C, and G
Combined they say that you accrue past 40, but 40 hours is the max that gets carried over and which must be allowed to be used in a year.
More could obviously be allowed by an employer.
I was hoping he'd go the other way and completely breakdown his prices into a series of "surcharges": rent, water, electricity, napkins, stir sticks, coffee, cups, lids, salaries, insurance. Just hundreds of signs explaining what percentage of the cost goes to what overhead cost...
As idiotic as this move was on the owner's part, I can't help but think that not going there will negatively impact his staff (which I agree are as nice as many in the prior post said) and make them pay for a stupid decision on their boss' part. That isn't really fair. I'll still go.

Too bad the wrong business is being vilified. You people should have the same hatred for the Government as it IS the job of the government to provide health care and sick leave. But taking on the big boy means being brave. Yelling at the little guy not so much.
The classic Ali backpedal. Figured he'd do it. Silly man.
He saw dollar signs.
Huh. Some guy trusted the words of right-wing media and didn't bother to do any actual research.

Color me shocked.
I'd love to see every one of his 45 employees call in sick on the same day. Maybe Ghambari's birthday.

How is the government supposed to provide sick leave? These are employees in the private sector.
If this prick thinks sick leave is such a 'fantastic' idea, then why did he wait til it was mandatory?
@15, because Rush Limbaugh told him not to do it...well until he had to by law.

I did notice that they cleaned up their facebook page of all the customers saying they were going to boycott his store.

Again, if he needs to raise the price of coffee for the sick leave that's one thing. But he decide to act like some Ayn Randian Revolutionary or Glenn Beck wanna be. That's what made him a fool
Hey, Ali, nice backpedaling. But I figure you're first reaction was the true one. You just don't want to lose business. I also figure you donate to GOP candidates and other like-minded asshole causes. So nice try but I have no confidence that if I spend my money at your coffee house that it won't go to teabagger causes.