Constantine Announces Gun Safety, Healthcare, and Veterans Initiatives in State of the County Speech


Interesting points.

Note that the county does not collect fees on all property "public land" vacations (e.g. alleys) and exempts certain groups from various taxes.

Not saying it's good or bad, per se, but that one should always run the numbers. MOHAI was an example of that. Not a bad example, but an example.
NAT-Geo announcer: "And here you see the bleeding-heart liberal in his native habitat. This is what he sounds like..:"

"If we can prevent one child, one innocent bystander, anyone, from being a victim of gun violence," says Constantine, "our effort as a community will have been worth it."

Constantine speaks of several hundred people "killed by guns", 2/3rds by suicide as if the gun had an animate personality itself. He then speaks of preventing what he calls "gun violence," as if any other form of violence - like being stabbed, is preferable and tolerable. In Australia, when the forces of totalitarianism held sway and all law abiding persons were fleeced of their rights to self-protection, the murder and violence did change , a bit; a small bit. The murder rate when up by knives and slightly down by guns, but overall, a bit up!
In other words, the data driven conclusion is that people will find a way...and removing all the sharp objects won’t solve the problems of violence either. The root of violence is in the heart of people who have been taught they are just animals and so they behave like them – law of the jungle. Makes sense. When you take the equalizer of strength from the good guys, those who obey the law of the jungle do what animals do; they prey upon the weak. Hmm that makes sense too.

So if Dow really cares about violence and believes in data and logic, he would have an initiative to remove all so called “Gun Free Zones” alowing what good guys do best and maybe even endorse religion. Most any will do; some better than others, but almost all better than the law of the jungle taught in public school.