It Gets Better—Science Says So


i saw that too last night d. and i figured that how would other people know what other peoples private sex acts were in the general population? i just figured men are just generally more aggressive than women which would make them more prone to bullying. overall. i thought everyone knew that. look what they did to that king richard guy, it was other men that did that to him.……
Somebody felt there was a need for a scientific study to determine whether bullying stops/decreases after you get out of high school? Incredible.
Just a note: bringing up teh buttsecks is always important because it's at the root of most homophobia. Bringing up how many straight couples do the buttsex is completely irrelevant- the homophobe xtians et al are most likely NOT having any buttsex, or even doing oral on their wives. Most likely it's of the 'kiss until he gets hard, spit on it, shove it in until he gets off, roll over and sleep' kind, just the way Dog intended. The 'many more straights having the buttsex' are probably sex-positive and queer-friendly.
Lenny Bruce used to do a pretty funny bit about how a guy could get beaten up for being a fag because he wore the wrong color shirt but a woman could wear jeans and a leather jacket, have short hair and nobody was concerned that she was the Girl Scout leader.

I think it goes back to what Jesus General always says "Not men can't be gay because they don't have little soldiers to put in each others mouths!"
You hear people claim that going to school and putting up with bullying and harassment prepares kids for life. But it really only prepares you for school. The further you get from the weird, artificial world of school, the less you see that kind of awful behavior.

Can't help but notice that it was 2010 that the decrease in bullying was noted ... the year IGB Project was launched, of course.

The butt thing ... imo the root cause of boys continuing to be bullied is the loathing, contempt and fear of the feminine. Whether the gayboys are effeminate or not, to the bully-ers, they represent taking on the 'passive', female role. To the 'no gray area' Neanderthals, who value and reinforce rigid sex roles because they still cling, out of fear, to stupid, brainless machismo, this is intolerable.

I think the buttsex thing is an excuse. I think what they are really afraid of is the possibility that another man is thinking of them in exactly the way they themselves think about women - as a piece of meat in need of a good fucking. And I think they are afraid of that. It's rape fear, not shit fear. Or they are afraid of their own sexual impulses, which is also pretty likely.
I'd argue that lesbians get worse psychological bullying which is more likely to lead to suicide, gay boys just get beat up, they don't have their peers offering to have their boyfriends rape you.