Here's Ron Paul's tweet about the death of Chris Kyle:

Republicans are outraged by this. Here are some comments from the Daily Caller:

You have no clue about PTSD or how to treat it. You are NOT a are the typical RONPAULBOT...and to think Paul aspired to be the Commander in Chief of our military...what a dumb as his followers!

Paul is and always a kook. He is not the answer. Romney was the right guy at the wrong time.

Dr. Paul, and many others in this nation, have long forgotten about a simple thing called dignity. Do you think Chris Kyle's family wants to hear Ron Paul's theories on why their loved one was murdered? Mr. Paul is entitled to his opinion of course, but where is the basic human decency of letting a family bury their loved one before politicizing his death? He should be ashamed of himself...but like many other things, shame has long departed from the culture of this once great nation.

Now that Ron Paul is retired, here's hoping he devotes a whole lot of his spare time to outraging mainstream Republicans, 140 characters at a time.