Still Going on Trial in June: George Zimmmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, has failed to persuade court to defer his case. Zimmerman is facing up to 25 years in prison.

One-Sixth Less Bus Service: King County Metro warns of service cuts unless we pay new taxes, the Seattle Times reports. Although the newspaper will likely editorialize against more bus funding—as it has before, saying the county council shouldn't raise taxes without a public vote (they ignored the newspaper)—it will also continue to bleat about Seattleites spending two days a year stuck in traffic.

Questions About Authorizing Drones: Lawmakers plan to pepper CIA director nominee John Brennan. When, exactly, is it acceptable for a drone to kill an American? How much evidence is required before the strike is authorized? Can it happen on US soil?

The Dell News: "Slumping personal computer maker Dell is bowing out of the stock market in a $24.4 billion buyout that represents the largest deal of its kind since the Great Recession dried up the financing for such risky maneuvers." Microsoft is also an investor in the deal. Someone had this to say:

Reconstructing Richard III's Face: There's something about his eyes.

Cherry Street Coffee: They say on Twitter, "We will never stop learning how to elevate our company and community. We thank you for your understanding!"

Bombing the United States: A North Korean propaganda video set to the tune of... "We Are the World." Here's the video: