Baby Steps


Last in the country. Shameful. This is what Eyman and Republicans have brought us to. Worse than Mississippi and Alabama. Nice legacy for our children and completely without compassion so the rich can live bigger than kings.
Are we Mogadishu on the Sound yet?
No, no you don't understand! If we're going to treat the mentally ill, we have to starve poor children!
I got a friend who works in ER reception and one of the biggest problems is that there's not enough beds. They'll call around for hours just to be told how full everyone is, and the police just wait until they commit crimes. If hospitals had the kind of resources to take care of these people like human beings we wouldn't be sending them to jail, but in many ways that's a best case option, pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me.
America! Fuck Yeah!
As someone who works in community mental health, there is nothing more frustrating then when you have a client who is decompensating and you hope that you can get help for them through the hospitals, and they get released early and are barely stable, back in your care. It's frightening, stressful and burns people out.