RIP Arpad Miklos


I have that BUTT towel and cherish it. Arpad Miklos was one of my favorite porn performers. He will be missed.
He left a note, any clue as to why he killed himself?
Oh, dear. Poor man. Not my cup of tea as a performer but certainly he seemed like an interesting person. I believe Jubilation T. Cornball once dropped his name as a person he was having drinks with.
That's a shame. He seemed like someone with real staying power, a rarity in porn.

His scene with Sasha Borov in the 1995 Kristen Bjorn film Comrades in Arms, the first gay video I ever purchased, was one of the sweetest and most joyful moments ever in a genre that is all too often joyless and mechanical.

Thanks for the memories.
What a hunk! RIP
@2 - The only thing I heard about a note was instructions on what was to be done with his remains, and details weren't even given about that.
How sad.
8 stated that the note just said he didn't want to say what his reasons were. No word on whether drugs were involved.
Suicide rates in Hungary (and with Hungarians outside of Hungary too) have always been extremely high. Much higher than elsewhere. The country is always in the top tier when compared to not only other European countries, but other countries around the world.
Chemist as in Walter White, or pharmacist?
10: I don't know! Stupid Europe.
Does anyone know how he killed himself?
@4 - You and I share a common porn experience.
:) Eastern Europe seemed so fresh and new and ripe with possibilities.
Do people have details on how Arpad killed himself? I think it is important to know so the gay community is well educated on prevention
Good Riddance. One more Piece of Trash Ass gone. NEXT !!!!
Good Riddance ! One more Piece of Trash Ass Gone. NEXT !!!!
É FODA...DROGAS SAO MESMO UMA DROGA...ELE ERA BONITAO MESMO , ELE ERA HUNGARO. ULTIMAMENTE VARIOS ATORES PORNO MORRERAM, FOI AQUELE DA FALCON ERIK RHODES QUE SE MATOU , TEVE UM DE ISRAEL , NAO ME LEMBRO O NOME, TEVE O JOSH WESTON QUE MORREU TB, E AGORA O ARPAD...BAH K BOSTA... EU LEMBRO DELE , QUE EU SOU DAS ANTIGAS EM UM FILME QUE EU AINDA TENHO EM VHS chamado The Vampire of Budapest, onde ele era bem novinho ainda sem muitos pelos e ele era uma delicia.... Sempre fui um grande apreciador do mundo do porno e acho uma pena a perda de tantos talentos para as malditas drogas.... TAO TRISTE..R.I.P. ARPAD MIKLOS
Any information on how arpad killed himself may be useful to prevent future occurrences in the gay community. Have more details surfaced ?
I chatted with the man once online. I helped him with one of his escort profiles, and he was really sweet about it. This makes me sad. :(
He was a good friend of mine. Such a nice person, such a shame he left us too soon!