Washington Universities Lead the Nation in Peace Corps Volunteers


I served in Nicaragua and after I'd been there for a year, another UW alumnus joined up. We were both shocked to recognize each other from a class we'd shared two years before.

It's a big small world out there.
Tom Tuttle from Tacoma, Washington would be proud (although WSU evidently didn't make the list).
Another way to say it is that washington universities lead in graduating unemployable and unprepared liberal arts students with little to no self direction.
You're either changing the world, or you're a tired corporate serf who is too darned lazy.
Yeah, I read that this morning. Quite the distinction. I'm an RPCV, Republic of Cameroon 89-92' but didn't graduate from any of those schools. Still, good on the state of Washington. Here's to a future generation of Peace Corps Vols.
Any excuse to get away from the local weather.
Could it be due to in part to the UW's Evans School of Public Policy's requirement (or just "strong suggestion") to do some years in the Peace Corps to get a master's degree?