The Toronto Sun notes:

[Anne of Green Gables], typically portrayed as a young redhead with freckles, has been transformed on the cover of a new edition of the Lucy Maud Montgomery classic. She is now a busty blonde propped up against a bail of hay.

Here's Anne's first appearance, at the beginning of Chapter 3 of Anne of Green Gables:

Marilla came briskly forward as Matthew opened the door. But when her eyes fell on the odd little figure in the stiff, ugly dress, with the long braids of red hair and the eager, luminous eyes, she stopped short in amazement.

Later in the book, she identifies herself as eleven years old. Which makes this cover extra-terrible. But Anne, at least, is not alone in the weird publishing hell of being misrepresented on a book cover. There's a sexy Bell Jar cover, too:

The London Review of Books called the cover “silly,” while everyone from Jezebel’s Tracie Egan Morrissey to Letters of Note founder Shaun Usher called it “hideous.” Journalist Sarah McAlpine termed it “an insult to women everywhere.”

The cover’s detractors say that it both contradicts the book’s messages about gender oppression and condescends to today’s readers.

Who says women are misrepresented in the publishing industry? I can't wait for the sexy A Room of One's Own cover, featuring a woman in lingerie and heels sprawled across a bed with a vibrator tucked discreetly away in her hand.