This link will open in a PDF, so fair warning, but damn, what a good way to waste some time at a desk/on the bus/wherever you are: from, a magical document titled: "Informal complaints received by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the television show ‘Saturday Night Live,’ 2008–2012."

Here, try some ([sic] throughout):

I am offended by the gay acceptance message this skit protrays. The implication is clear, if we got past our fear and tried anal sex, we would like it and then accept it.

During the "What Up With That" skit on SNL, actor Samuel L. Jackson said "What the Fuck" and "this is bullshit" during the show. I was watching with my gay friends and we were very upset. Thanks.

This has me very concerned for my safety and many others.
Last night on Saturday night live Jamie Fox called for the killing of all white people. This occured during his monolog at the beginning of the show. All through his threat he used Obama's name. I want to make a formal complaint against NBC, Saturday Night Live and Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox needs to be removed from society until this threat is over.

Get the dvd and you will probably see a lot more than I saw because I turned the channel because I was so disgusted and sickened. I would never record or even consider buying a dvd with such wickedness and filth on it even to send you a copy so you could see how terrible it was.

It's a good look into the minds of... well, of people who e-mail the government at all hours to complain that SNL jokes are too dirty. WOWZA.

Thanks, Hot Tipper Alithea! You find all the best funnies!