The LA Archdiocese is a little strapped for cash because, it turns out, paying restitution to 562 underage victims who were molested by priests and other church personnel gets expensive. The diocese is now $80 million in debt, God's conveniently not intervening, and so the church is contemplating a bold move: Appealing to the public with a massive, $200 million fundraising campaign.

The non-profit Guidance in Giving lists the Los Angeles-area Catholic Church among its "diocesan accounts" and says it is exploring a campaign to raise $200 million for the diocese to meet "a variety of needs," including "priests' retirement, seminarian education, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities and parish needs."

In my opinion, it seems a little soon to be soliciting money from the public when you're still in court, seemingly fighting to conceal the names of people involved in molestation scandals and the subsequent cover-ups (the NYTimes reports that many released church files are incomplete and many names have been erroneously redacted).

Maybe they start smaller with their asks, and actually provide a little incentive for the public to throw money their way. Like maybe with a bake sale?

Curtsies to mr. herriman