Conservative Pro-Gun "Sandy Hook Dad" Not Really a Sandy Hook Dad


Also, that's not "Congress" he's owning.

It's a working group of the Connecticut state legislature. (According to Google Maps, it's about 341 miles away from Congress.)
Reed is also a middle school. Not that it's that much better, but his kid would probably, at the age of 12-14, been better able to cope with a lockdown at a school at which there was not a shooting than a 5 year old at a school where they had to walk past pools of blood to get out the door.
Conservative people lie a lot.
Huh. I was expecting a bull-necked, shaved-headed ex-Green-Beret type.

I guess it's a good thing that Caspar Q. Accountant has something in his life to feel manly about.
Christ. Did they get anything in that story right??
I'll go ahead and say it: he is speaking in deliberately misleading terms.
Like most things conservatives say, it's entirely sarcastic unless you ask someone in the bubble, who won't hesitate to tell you the "true" meaning of how the libtards fault and Obama did it.
Assuming Paul Constant is not lying (Libs lie a lot)...

The guy's daughter was subject to the same violence there that the actual enrolled students at Sandyhook were. This makes him a de facto "Sandyhook Dad," and has legal standing in the matter for testifying purposes.

Get your shit in one sock libs. A little more critical thinking, a little less ad hominem insults.
@8 I'm sorry, but his daughter WAS NOT subject to evacuating her school because it was filled with dead students. Fuck off.