Things just keep getting weirder. Besides the gun nut who killed a bus driver and took a schoolchild hostage for almost a week, we've had two examples that show how fucking crazy the NRA and other gun nuts are. Their mantra that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun has been, er, shot down twice recently.

First, the killing of a famous Navy Seal sniper/author and another veteran at a gun range, by a third veteran. Navy Seals are the goddamn superheroes of real life, the most highly trained people in our military, and, hey, Bang, you're dead.

Second, a former LAPD cop is wanted for a shooting spree that so far has resulted in the deaths of two LAPD cops.

If only these helpless victims were highly trained good guys with guns . . .

Why do I suspect that if the killers in either of these cases had come at the victims with a knife or his bare hands, things might have gone differently?

Guns don't kill people, the NRA and the gun nuts insist, people kill people. Logical enough in theory, but bullshit in practice. Guns make it a lot easier for people to kill people, and that's why "well-regulated" is the part of the Second Amendment we should be talking about. Registration, universal background checks, and mandatory liability insurance for all gun-owners. Just like we do for drivers of cars!

Condolences to all victims, their families, and friends, and a great big Fuck You to the NRA and its lying and/or deluded gun-nut supporters.