Megan Phelps-Roper, and Her Sister Grace, Have Left the Westboro Church


Reason prevails over stupidity. Now, if only more people could reason.
Through attrition we will exhaust the WBC into quietude and irrelevance.
Like a dog learning to heel for the first time.
In December, she went to a public library in Lawrence, Kansas. She was looking through books on philosophy and religion, and it struck her that people had devoted their entire lives to studying these questions of how to live and what is right and wrong. “The idea that only WBC had the right answer seemed crazy,” she says. “It just seemed impossible.”

Still disappointed that America's legions of violent, gun-toting psychos haven't had at least one "interaction" with Fred Phelps.

I wouldn't protest that funeral, but I'd make it a point to shit on his grave.
I heard a rumor that a third Phelps might have also left (third in addition to the two who just left, not counting the one who left long ago). Does anyone have a current, accurate count of Phelps expats? I've confused myself just writing this.
@5 Agreed, but if I felt I had nothing left to live for, and was going to take out someone who richly deserved it, I'd aim higher then Fred Phelps. However, it is surprising that none of the people they're directly harassing have snapped.
HOnestly, I am so gobsmacked by this. Megan is Shirley's DAUGHTER. and also the person who got WBC into social media and tweaking up their use of computers.

and from the stuff I have been reading, it is actually the 'relatively new' aspect of WBC with the increase in Shirley's involvement as Fred slipped back that they started actively targetting Jewish organizations and synagoges. THAT is the part that sent Megan out, not the kill the gays stuff. she ended up finding common ground with Jew she met on the internets that made her realize that the WBC is wrong.
Like I say every time this comes up, treating them like human beings is the only way to get through. Not laughing at them or with the same hate-front they adopt.

@8: If you've seen the Louis Theroux specials on the Phelps clan, you could see this coming and progressing. It's fascinating. Good for Megan, I hope she gets through this with as little baggage as she can.
This has almost gotten to the point that a TV show could be made around this family. My only question is should it be a reality show or a sitcom.
@5: The Phelps clan point out that everybody's going to hell (including themselves) your violence-lust is actually sicker than their beliefs. Congrats for stooping lower than them, though you're hardly alone in this.
Brainwashing on the WBC scale requires constant reinforcement. As the patriarch's health fails and control slips, some members might inadvertently find themselves having independent thoughts. Those thoughts in some cases may lead to doubts, and then to apostasy.
Good for her. I honestly wish her a healthy recovery. WBC was the only world she knew, and she was brainwashed from a young age, so getting out must have taken a whole lot of strength and soul searching. I can only hope she will devote the rest of her life to doing good.
We really should be calling it the Westboro Cult. But either way, all religion relies on brainwashing.
So it seems from this that members of the cult actually do believe what they preach, and are not just trying to instigate lawsuits. Huh.
@6: There's at least a couple more. Nathan Phelps left over a decade ago -- I wonder if she's gotten in touch with him.

@16: the two aren't mutually exclusive. If you read any of the bigger profiles of the clan, it's pretty clear that Fred Sr is a sociopath/narcissist along the same lines as Jim Jones or L. Ron Hubbard. He "believes" whatever bullshit he's spewing because he's his own god and savior: he also doesn't feel any particular need to abide by the same moral standard that he preaches, because consistency and introspection are for little people. (His type rarely do.) But plenty of the followers are true believers.
Wow. I wish them both healing, happiness, and a community that meets their needs. I applaud their courage and thirst for critical thinking.
This is wonderful. I remember how hard it was to leave the cultish fundie religion I grew up in, and I had an easy community to escape to. Can't imagine how much harder it would be for a Phelps.
@4. Thanks, Fnarf. We recently raised our property taxes to double the size of that library.
@4 Fnarf, FTW. (Are people still saying that - FTW - BTW?)