Norman Foster on the Moon


I would love to put Norman Foster on the moon. With no breathing apparatus.
Foster didn't promise us the building, McGinn's Great City financial backers Triad Development did.

All they did was buy a sketch from Foster they could dangle before investors. Who did not bite, so the hole remains.
The Civic Square project is actually being resurrected:
@2, well put. well put.
@4, thank you! @3, I didn't hear that - appreciate the link. All the same, I'll believe it when I see it. Since Triad's multi-year deal with the city ends in 2013, this may be a bit of PR to lay the groundwork for the council (and perhaps a new mayor) granting the one-year extension they may be needing.

Lunar living.

The ultimate sparsity.

Hundreds of sq. mi. per person.

At least while it lasts.
Why do even lunar structures have to be shaped like a dick and balls? Oh, wait...
Now we just need to find someone who wants to live on the Moon.
Oh, fercrissakes. Just dig a domicile instead of building some expensive contraption. Underground doesn't need expensive and heavy equipment. Small crane and pre-built monad supports. This guy is thinking of his own profits.