Southern Baptist Leader Calls Bigotry "The Heart and Soul of Scouting"


Dr. Richard Land is not a medical doctor.
He is a "doctor of philosophy".
A.K.A., Ph.D.
Fucking Chaos. Our Scoutmaster played D+D with us, and did so with way more creativity than any of the teens. I had no idea how lucky we were. If the higher levels of Scouting had heard about it, doubtless they'd have throw him out for promoting demonic possession.
Southern Baptists are the heart and soul of the KKK.
Chris Rock, Obama supporter, on women:

‎"There are only 3 things women need in life: food, water and compliments."…

Strange...I remember Earl Butz getting fired for saying something similar...guess racism is okay if you're a Democrat.
So, considering each troop is independent in most ways, and considering that churches are by far the largest number of troop charters, the why the fuck can't they be left alone to make their own decision on this?

If they want to allow gays, cool. If they want to not allow gays, fine. Dont join.

Just like you want freedom from the state prosecuting you for your all encompassing sex life, maybe they want to be just left th fuck alone.

None of you will ever avail yourself of the scouts, so why do you give a fuck? Or is it that you have to have every single institution in the world validate your sex life. You guys are truly self loathing.

My question stands.

Why do the Boy Scouts ban girls?

Why are they anti-heterosexual and why aren't liberals fighting the ban on girls in the Boy Scouts?

@6 Because girls have Girl Scouts. Did you hit your head when you were a child?
The stupidity-kicker in all of this "ban gays" bullshit is that MOST people have had some form of same-gender sexual experience, and MOST people fall across a spectrum of sexuality... drawing the line arbitrarily at "gay and lesbian" is ignoring the fact that there are still boys in Boy Scouts that have any variety of boy-boy sexual experience. IT'S. SO. DUMB.

It's almost like these people ... NEED someone to hate on. Can't hate the blacks openly any more, so now they'll hate on the next uppity minority group. ASININE. So much for Jesus preaching of love and tolerance.
Chris Rock is a comedian. You're really try to compare apples to oranges comments.

Separate but equal is inherently unequal.

Brown v. Board of Ed.

Let girls join the Boy Scouts now!


But Blah is a ____(insert BLAH)____!!

Lib-O-Crites at the ready.
#10 - the Boy Scouts are not a government organization; therefore, they can choose to admit or not admit anyone they want. Including gays. Nobody is arguing that they have a legal obligation to allow gays, only that they should.

It's not hypocritical, by the way, to point out that Chris Rock is a comedian. I doubt very much that when he made his statement he was formulating a serious philosophy of gender relations.
@10 - Do you believe there there is no social or educational benefit at all from sometimes separating genders?
I would have no problem with the Boy Scouts admitting girls. For the record, the Girl Scouts don't turn away boys. As per @12, it's a "freedom of association" issue so there's no way to force the BSA to do it - but sure, it'd be great if they made that leap as well.