Things Don't Look Good for Community


I think you would enjoy the halfbakery. Note the comment regarding a non-helium alternative: regular air furniture attached to the ceiling by elastic cord or pulleys.
Well hopefully it keeps it from getting cancelled
They "Britta'd" their own show? I'm just another step closer to doing something crazy drastic like going back to only reading books and newspapers as I did in my anachronistic youth. My future is bleak.
@3 hopefully this get's it canceled much like Ripley/Alien canceled all the freakish tetragenic versions of her in "Resurrection" with the flamethrower.
Petered out after the Levar Burton guest appearance. Funny when brand new.
I miss 30 Rock even more now.
Just watched it. It's ok. Still better than reality shows.
You can just fill your coach with Hydrogen, which is the definition of plentiful (you can make it from water) and has more lift per unit volume than Helium. It gets a bad rap because of the Hindenburg, but as long as you're not a smoker it's no big deal.

But yeah, in college some guys rigged a set of pulleys and cables attached to a a couple of pieces of plywood that carried their futons so they could winch them up the ceiling to "clear the decks" for party activities. In Japan they just roll the futons up and put them away in the morning, but 'murica likes to make things complicated.
Two words: Murphy Bed.
So...we're heading into another couple of seasons of no good sitcoms? Probably overdue; we've been lucky to have a few good ones on and even on back to back. *sigh*