Hey! The Stranger is having a beer-and-music partytime thingamajig called Penumbra (which means this) on March 16th, and none other than Washington Beer Blog—the local beer nerds' online headquarters, they really know their stuff, intimidatingly so—says it is officially not going to suck!

Seattle is the birthplace of great beer and great music. We are true leaders in that regard. For too long Seattle has been lacking a kickass beer and music festival. Typically, beer is an afterthought at our music festivals. And vice versa. Epic fail! The Penumbra Beer Bash intends to confront this problem head on.

Nearly 30 breweries are already involved. Good breweries. Really good breweries, actually. Go to the website and look at the list. You will be impressed and maybe even surprised.

Emily Nokes helped choose the bands, and among them are the Catheters, which is causing near-pants-peeing excitement around here.

So, YAY FOR GREAT LOCAL MUSIC* AND GREAT LOCAL BEER: Two great tastes that go great together!


*Apparently the Catheters guy lives in San Francisco now, but he's from here. And the other bands are local. Like Champagne Champagne! MAGNETIC BLACKNESS.