Dominic mentioned the Bush phone hacking in the Morning News, and there's lots of interesting little tidbits in that Smoking Gun report about the Bush family's relationship with Bill Clinton. But the most amazing thing about that report is the two self-portraits that George W. Bush painted. If you haven't seen them, you really have to. They're both nudes, with one self-portrait showing Bush's back as he regards himself in the shower mirror, and one shot of his legs and feet in the bathtub.

Bush has no grasp of perspective, or anatomy, or what makes a painting interesting to look at, but these paintings are really sort of touching, like art you'd find on the walls at a school for troubled youth. And you can tell he takes his "art" seriously—in the slideshow, there's also a photo of Bush standing proudly next to a cardboard stand-up teasingly depicting him as a cliched artiste, with a moustache, beret, and bespotted with paint blotches all over his body. It's like he's finally trying to be a well-rounded human being.

It's too late for him, of course. His paintings are laughable (if a little eerie in their childlike simplicity) and there's no way he'll ever manage to learn how to give a shit about another human being by doing shitty still-lifes and portraits of his dog. But I like that he's trying. I like that he's become partially self-aware. It means that maybe he'll be able to briefly understand the mess he's made of everything. Maybe after he paints enough self-portraits, for one second he'll be able to see himself as the world sees him. I hope that makes him uncomfortable. I fucking hope that makes him physically ill.