A Woman in the Central District Answered Her Door: It was Patrick, a panhandler, and now the woman is running—seriously—a photo contest for readers who send her pictures of the "charming" panhandler. Read her totally weird post.

Giant Rodent Procyonid Squatters Set Sights on Crane: My Ballard says two raccoons, reportedly very large raccoons, climbed to the top of a massive crane on 24th and Market, built a nest, and completely halted the 150 foot behemoth of construction. As of this writing, the raccoons have not been evicted from their new high-rise home.

Beyond the Barbershop Offers Lessons on Manhood, No Haircuts: The Rainier Valley Post invites the public to join in on barbershop discussion. There will not be haircuts. There will, however, be a series of African-American men speaking on topics that include "personal power, family systems, health management, personal and transgenerational healing, and money management."

Wine Bottle Reprisals: A woman was arrested at a Capitol Hill party for allegedly slicing a man's face and arm with the shards of a wine glass. His crime? Insulting her use of online dating services, according to an SPD report.

Von Trapp's Consolidates Fun: Those who have been vexed trying to find a place where they can drink beer, hang out with their kids, and play bocce at the same location will be inconvenienced no longer! Capitol Hill Seattle Blog announced the opening of Von Trapp's, a Bavarian funhouse containing (but not limited to) all of the aforementioned activities.