If there is one lesson to learn from the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, it's that what our schools need now more than ever is more guns. Or at least, that's the one lesson to learn, apparently, if you are a crazy, fanatical gun nut like state Representative Liz Pike (R-Camas), and the nine eight other crazy, fanatical, Republican gun nuts (plus one crazy, fanatical, Democratic gun nut) who sponsored HB 1788, a bill that would authorize teachers to carry guns in schools.

Sec. 1. This act may be known and cited as the safer schools act of 2013.

Or, you know, the opposite.

But then, I'm probably just being alarmist. Because there is no way an armed teacher might ever shoot somebody, either accidentally or on purpose. And of course, once properly trained to carry a weapon, it is inconceivable that one might ever have it grabbed or wrestled away by a student or anybody else. That could never happen.

So what explains Representative Pike's passion for arming school teachers? I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the maximum $900 contribution from the Gun Owners Action League. No, instead, she's just seeking to fulfill her constitutional duty:

Sec. 2. According to Article IX of the Washington state Constitution it is the paramount duty of the state to provide for basic education.

Fully funding schools, that's an option. But there's nothing more basic about education than arming teachers.