Three Feet of Snow: Possible later today in New York City.

George W. Bush: Family photos—EXPOSED!

Second Amendment, Fuck Yeah: A gun-shop owner in Pittsburgh gave away an assualt rifle and some ammo because the Constitution says he can:

Erik Lowry — the owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms, which bills itself as "America's Largest Online Firearms Mall" — recently gave away hundreds of rounds of ammunition, dozens of high-capacity magazine clips and an AR-15 assault weapon on the gun shop's Facebook page...

"Number one it's your right, your Second Amendment right to own a firearm, no matter what kind it is," he said. "Citizens should be armed well enough to defend themselves from a tyrannical government," and should therefore have weapons on the same grade as firearms used by the military.

Walking in Seattle: It's the 6th most walkable city, according to Walk Score, but the "most walkable" neighborhood in Seattle is a neighborhood most people in Seattle never walk around in.

Botched Deal: City of Seattle will pay $7.25 million to settle with developer who wanted to build a fast food restaurant and medical facility in Magnuson Park.

Fairview Fanny: She's scandalized—asking, "Seattle Schools: Why so Costly?" across today's front page—because our levy will spend 20 percent more per new elementary school than surrounding districts. Because, really, if there's one thing we've learned from the Seattle Times: We should spend less on education.

Hempfest: They're selling this "hempy bandana."

More Hempfest: The director, Vivian McPeak, can't decide if legalizing marijuana was a good idea or not.

UW Considers Asking About Criminal Background on Undergrad Applications: "The questions are yet to be determined. If these questions are added, they will appear on all undergraduate UW applications during the fall admission cycle in 2014. "