PaidContent has good news and bad news for the media world, all wrapped up in one sentence:

Nearly 65 percent of U.S. magazines now have a digital replica edition...

That's great! Way to be forward-thinking, magazine industry! I bet this is going to pay off in big sales numbers! Let's see how the rest of the sentence goes:

...but those editions make up just under three percent of overall circulation.

Holy shit. Holy shit. That's disastrous. Remember when tablets became popular after the birth of the iPad and everyone was waiting to see if they would be the future of magazines? Looks like they're not. Or at least, they're not the future of old-media magazines. Lots of people use their tablets like magazines—they read news, features, gossip, and profiles—but they find the stuff that they read piecemeal, carved out of blogs and tweets and news apps. These figures are not at all heartening. Of course, I figure some of this is attributable to the fact that digital editions for the most part cost exactly as much as print editions, but I'm not convinced that a 99 cent digital issue of Esquire, say, is going to move that three percent into the double-digits.