This incident began on Super Bowl Sunday with a friendly wager between two San Francisco 49ers fans and ended the next day with stabbing, according to a Seattle police report.

A man had bet his friend that the Baltimore Ravens would lose, the report says, but the fellow 49ers fan denied the $20 dollar proposition because he could not bring himself to bet against his own team. But they did make a bet the next day: They bet $10 on who would win a game of golf—inside the apartment—that involved a Jack in the Box head as the golf ball.

The police report notes, not surprisingly, that both men had "drank alcohol."

Police say that when the Superbowl bet suggester lost the game of golf, "he became agitated and threw three dollars to the ground and said, 'that's all I got.'" The two proceeded to argue about the previous day's Superbowl bet, with one saying his friend still owed $20 and the other man saying he never bet in the first place.

That's when things went from stupid to nasty. When the golf winner tried to leave the apartment, the report explains, the other man "pulled out a butterfly knife and stabbed [the winning golfer] in the face (right side between the jaw lines)," the SPD says. The victim tackled his assailant to the ground, fled to the lobby, and called for help.

Responding to the scene, Officer Anh Hoang arrested the butterfly-knife-wielder and sent the victim to Harborview Medical Center. According to Medic One the "wound was deep and he was lucky that the butterfly knife missed his vain [sic]."