Saturday Morning News


The link to Al Jazeera site's story about the Japan/China dispute doesn't seem to work.
I hope SLOG posts lots of stuff today, I'm snowed in here in CT
That report on the snowstorm is strange. It reads as though Saturday has already come and gone. Did she write it in the future?
Well, it is almost noon there.
nice work, DHS rent a cops.
The CO of the base was suspended last year due to complaints of unfairly overturning PTSD diagnoses. It sounds like the Army or the VA is telling hospital commanders that they don't like paying for PTSD or disability benefits. Yet again the vets get shafted.
Can't believe you missed the Candlelight March Against Gun Violence tonight on Capitol HIll
"There is no merit badge for being on the wrong side of history." is my favorite quote from the Slog. Ever.
The pregnant woman story.... something doesn't smell right about it. She miscarried last week due to stress? Does that mean she was in her first trimester? So the cop didn't know she was pregnant?

Maybe he did what he did. I don't know. That headline, however, paints a misleading portrait of what allegedly occurred -- but it worked, that headline did. I was shocked enough to read the article and get to that last tidbit of information -- which means either the cop isn't the pervert the headline alludes to OR she is fabricating all or part of the events, covering with a convenient miscarriage.

Either way, that headline stinks.
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The pregnancy supposedly came up when he asked her if she had been drinking. So it sound like, yes, she was in a very early stage in the pregnancy if she had to bring it up at all.

Why do Boy Scouts ban girls?

Why are they on the wrong side of history (HIStory? OURstory!)

Heterosex equality today!
@12 - I don't understand why you put such effort into being loathesome.

Pent up anger from not having yet been weaned from his sow's middle left teat?