Sanctions!: Not on Iran, at least not this time. French officials have promised to slap sanctions on those responsible for selling horse meat infused beef products to the European Union.

Walking Into Capitol Building with Picket Signs Illegal, Guns Okay: Friday's anti-gun control protesters who walked into the Capitol building had their picket signs confiscated, yet walked in unmolested with their rifles in hand. Why? Because Washington State, along with Texas and Kentucky, is one of the few states with no restrictions on carrying firearms on Capitol campuses.

Leader of Amish Extremist Group Gets 15 Years in Prison for Cutting Beards: These alleged acts of forced depilation are considered a violation of religious freedom for the proud beard-wearing Amish.

Two Colville Fifth-Graders Arrested on Alleged Murder Plot: Who was the suspected target of these allegedly gun-carrying fifth graders? The ex-girlfriend of one of the elementary school children.

Northeast Blizzard Leaves a Slushy Mess: 300,000 customers are still without power. Many more New Englanders are laboriously digging out their cars, houses, driveways and airport runways from underneath record-breaking piles of snow.

A Good Day for Islamists: Hundreds of thousands march in Iran to commemorate the 34th anniversary of their 1979 Islamic Revolution. Thousands more are marching in Tunis after several secular members of Tunisia's Islamist government quit their jobs.

To Standardize or Not to Standardize: The Seattle MAP-exam boycotters gain traction on the national stage as the debate rages on how to dispose of "No Child Left Behind" without actually leaving any children behind.

Huge Crowd of People Run Through Fremont Virtually Naked, Don't get Arrested: In fact, they enjoyed high-fives from onlookers and support from local officials at Fremont's "Cupid's Undie Run," a charity event for the Children's Tumor Foundation.