President Obama is inviting the parents of Hadiya Pendleton.

Asshat Gun-Nut Representative Steve Stockman (R-NRA/Texas) is inviting Ted Nugent. Wonder if he'll surrender his freedom to tyranny by putting up with the well-regulated security checks that will prevent him from bringing any of his beloved guns into Congress.

But this is really confusing: didn't Nugent say that if Romney lost, he (Nugent) "would be dead or in jail" after the election? This was interpreted as a threat on the President's life. But Nugent,like most gun-waving assholes, is a coward at heart and so didn't follow through. Kind of a shame.

But wait: Nugent actually said he'd be dead or in jail within a year, and he was speaking in April of 2012. So he still has a couple of months to man up and carry through with his threat. Maybe Stockman is a co-conspirator? One can only hope.

And for the sake of clarity, my little thought experiment here assumes that Nugent's abilities as an assassin are about equal to his musical talent, so the death in question would be his, as the Secret Service continues to do its job.