At 8:15ish Eastern time this morning, someone went into a Wilmington, Delaware courthouse and opened fire. Presumably, he's a Bad Guy With A Gun, and he was indeed shot down by Good Guy(s) With Gun(s) (the details are still spotty). We don't know yet whether he got his gun legally or illegally, with or without a background check, or whether or not he's mentally unstable (ie, a crazy person who should not have had a gun).

Of course, while we should wait for all the facts to come out before rushing to judgment, I can still savor pointing out the irony, from CNN:

The shooting came on the same day the police chief of Wilmington was scheduled to be in Philadelphia to attend a roundtable discussion about gun safety. Vice President Joe Biden, law enforcement officials and members of Congress were expected to be there.

I would also note that even if the Gun Nuts are right this once, and Good Guys with Guns did indeed take out that Bad Guy with a Gun, even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut.

Oops, I have a pre-posting update: seems the gunman shot and killed his estranged wife, according to the mayor of Wilmington. Of course, guns don't kill people, estranged spouses kill people. Outlaw divorce and this never woulda happened, and the Second Amendment would stand strong.