They Still Haven't Caught the Most Wanted Black Man in America


Dorner (allegedly) hunted and killed the young-adult daughter of the man who, as a police captain, represented him in the internal tribunal as he fought his firing, and the young woman's fiance. He then (allegedly) proceeded to apparently shoot cops at random. Whatever past injustices may have contributed to his life's tragedy, we shouldn't confuse him for the John Rambo character, a misunderstood if troubled wanderer who acted in self-defense and didn't hunt the families of his antagonists.
Don't know if you've mentioned his writings already, but the bits I've seen of Dorner's manifesto are intense, blunt, and in a sense, admirable.
maybe I should say...."in a 'far out' sense, admirable." I don't want to come off sounding like accomplished avant composer Stockhausen calling 9/11 'the greatest work of art ever.'
I don't understand why the cops haven't found him. They've already shot up two pickup trucks of different makes and models, both before and after he abandoned his pickup truck.

Maybe if they shot up passenger cars instead of trucks, they'd have better luck.
L.A. being L.A., it's entirely possible that Dorner's complaints about the LAPD are 100% correct, and that he is a 100% contemptible multiple-murdering maniac.

Really, I just want a betting pool on how many innocent people the LAPD end up shooting before this is all over. I've got my money on five.
This is like a Sci Fi thriller where one of their own discovers a horrible dark secret and then has to run for his life. I wonder what is really going on.
No, they have not. I wondered whether he was in my neighborhood last night when there were four helicopters gathered above. Alas, it was just some scumbag V13 parolee speeding from police, running a red light, running down a bicyclist, and crashing into a restaurant, injuring a few more people. Never a dull moment.
Really, I just want a betting pool on how many innocent people the LAPD end up shooting before this is all over. I've got my money on five.

My grim, rather humorless joke yesterday was that the current score was Dorner 5, LAPD 3.
I do believe Dorner to be the most wanted human in America. And, a monster as well if what he is alleged to have done, shot & killed three people proves to be true.

Personally, I think he'll ended up taking his own life if he hasn't already. It's probably the most expensive manhunt in California state history. It's particularly egregious because he is alleged to have killed a police officer and WAS once one. I simply think that whatever his grievance(s), it doesn't warrant this atrocious & violent behavior. It's unfortunate to read in the NYT that some in LA's African-American community endorse some of his grievances (not his violent outburst). I have read that the LAPD has undergone a positive transformation since the tenure of Darryl Gates.…

@9, yeah but the thing is these cops are trained to be more aggressive and tense than need be to begin with. I think the whole power structure-criminal fighting in a just society thing puts undue harm on everyone involved including the police. So, monster or not, you have to realize that he was probably generally trained to be strong/violent/tough and this is sort of monstrosity is a beast that we created. Same thing goes for every shooting around America because of the stresses of the recession.
@9, Just because his response is reprehensible doesn't mean he doesn't have legit grievances. It's possible he was just a shitty cop with a major persecution complex, but if the allegations in his manifesto are true, I believe an investigation of the LAPD is in order.
Lark, I have to go with exactly how @5 worded it in the first sentence.
This comparison of Dormer and Obama, re: extra-judicial kill lists, gun control attitudes, and more, is wonderful:…
This comparison of Dorner and Obama, re: extra-judicial kill lists, gun control attitudes, and more, is wonderful:…
I wonder if @5 and @8 will be perversely disappointed if the final score is Donner 5, LAPD 0.
the guy is still a murderer.
I think Dorner's dead in a ditch.

The LAPD may not be perfect but they are far from the LAPD of old. Dorner's complaints are ridiculous on the face of it; his best argument would have been to complain that mental health counseling was not available to him at an adequate level. He still would have been wrong about that.

The LAPD has made amazing changes in the past decade, changes that Seattle would do well to emulate (and while the NYPD has moved in the other direction). The LAPD is only a third white male now, just as a for-instance. White, black, Asian, Hispanic, female, gay and lesbian -- LAPD is a multifarious force now, and a model for the US and the world.

Dorner's biggest problem seems to be that he couldn't handle being supervised by a woman. He's a model of the old LAPD, not a victim of it.
So Dorner is a secret hero to Tonderai and his ghetto followers. What a surprise.
I find it odd how everyone is dismissing Dorner's accusations out of hand. I mean talk to people who live in may come away with a different perspective. But he is a murderous fool and a wonderful way to unleash drones onto the American Citizens!!
Good Morning Charles,
@11 & @12, I don't necessarily disagree. Indeed, the LAPD is reopening the Dorner Case. Perhaps, he has a legitimate grievance. But, so did Ted Kaczynski. It's a tricky situation to endorse a complaint of a known killer.

I think @17 Fnarf puts it best. I really wonder if Dorner had issues being supervised by a woman. Whatever the case, I hope all of us on SLOG and elsewhere approach this tragedy with some circumspection. We also hope Dorner is apprehended immediately.